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My friends say I'm crazy and quirky.

I think I'm positive, energetic and proactive. Kinda deep in my processing of the world although I now just live life for fun and interest, not taking it too seriously. My friends rock my world and I love meeting new people. 

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Day 11 - 13 soooo many experiences 😀

Day 11 - 42 Miles Basin

Wow today it took some efforts to get up and get going, I slept like a log and only woke to my breakfast alarm.

I set off slowly and Peter catches me up, he’s behind as he’s been ill. We rode together and it was really nice and helpful today to have company.

We arrive in basin in the evening, just in time to get food before it closes, phew!!!

Then how nice is this, we are approached and asked what our plans are, at this point we want a campsite as near as possible. They then say that riders can sleep in the community hall for 5 dollars, a roof, heating, loo and kitchen. What a great surprise. 🤩

Day 12 - 62 Miles Wild camp on a mountain after Butte

So after breaky at the cafe we head out motivated that we want to hit the Elkhorn Hit Springs in 2 days if possible. The first aim is Butte, a bike shop, new chain on and then a late lunch and shop for supplies. We head on further into a storm! Then it’s a beautiful evening for riding although we are both very tired! Evidence, I walked by firefly for part of a hill, got back on and straight away fell of the other side and dropped her on the floor, doh!!!!

beautiful sunset picnic!

As the sun set and we rode towards the snowy mountains in the distance it was such a beautiful and surreal feeling, this is a keep sack memory I’ve locked away, along with the beautiful wild camp location.

A good effort today 👍🏻

Day 13 - 65 Miles Elkhorn Hot Springs

What an awesome day, still tired and achy knees but proper getting my mojo back!

The Bivvy was a disaster last night, it rained and I can’t fully zip it up else I don’t have enough oxygen through the night . The condensation was awful and even froze on the outside of the sleeping bag near my toes. I was so cold in the night and so relieved I had my puffer coat as it literally got me through the night.

Weirdly where we wild camped, in a park on a mountain people drove past in the night, we were even approach by someone with a flash light. I hoped at the time it was Peter but something told me it wasn’t, I stayed quiet and awake for another 20 mins but nothing happened thankfully. I was ready with the bear spray! 😱🤣

The morning ride was super challenging, a lot of hike a bike up and down, some really scary downhills. Randomly on the steepest hill Peters back wheel came off!!!! Thankfully he was hiking and not riding!!!

O and guess what, when I was tired and cold this morning, what did I forget to pack!!!? The most important thing I own!!!! My multitool and there is not bike shop for hundreds of miles!!!! A mini disaster!!! It’s ok while I’m riding with Peter but I’m always aware that my slow pace means people ride on, which is understandable for sure.

Back to the riding, I am no mountain biker for sure but today I was aware I was much more competent, capable and confident then I have been. It felt good. 💪🏻😀

This afternoon I rode solo as we were racing to the Elkhorn Hot Springs, Peter being a much stronger rider headed off and I pottered at my pace. It was a stunningly beautiful ride, made much harder then needed to be by the strong headwind.

Such a treat to arrive to a bed, gluten free pizza that Peter had ordered and then into the glorious hot spring water. Utter bliss!!!

I‘m now in the comfiest massive bed to myself, catching up on here and with friends.

Such and awesome day, I’m sooooooooooooooo happy to be experiencing all of this. 🤩👍🏻

I am so grateful for my wonderful and wide support network, even Simba man is supportive from afar! 😂😂

Videos posted 😱😂👍🏻


I love the Chipmonks so entertaining and cute 🥰

American style 😍