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My friends say I'm crazy and quirky.

I think I'm positive, energetic and proactive. Kinda deep in my processing of the world although I now just live life for fun and interest, not taking it too seriously. My friends rock my world and I love meeting new people. 

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Day 11 – of course the universe has it covered! 💫

So the day started idyllic drinking tea by the sea 🥰

Then I head off, seat adjusted, bags sorted and so hopefully an easier ride. 🤞🏻

So by mid day I was thinking my day had been about drive, focus and concentration. It was a seriously hilly morning, one after another. I have a training motivation trick going on, that when I hit a hill and get to the point where I’m spent, I then make myself go 1 marker further, that may be a one more lamppost or to the next tree etc. So the second hill I hit is mahooooosive and steep. I’d already walked half of the first one, I never mind needing to get off and walk as I know I need to be able to do a lot of this on the TD, so the more I’m doing now the stronger my upper body will be all good training. 👍🏻

Oooo and I forgot to say, on waking my left knee joint, the one that had RA in it since I was 16, well it was super unhappy as in did not want me to walk on it. I’d made a promise to my body that if it played ball and cycled today I wouldn’t bivvy but get a bed. Reason, well my body needs me to be patient and allow it to catch up and keeping it warm and comfy at night and sleeping well all helps with the healing. 👍🏻

So the second hill, I’m at the bottom thinking no way I can do any of this hill, so using my tool, I set the point I need to hit, a tree about 10 more feet up.

Now I’m a great believer in using tools like this in everyday life, being proactive and positive and implementing things to motivate ourselves makes self development and progress so much easier.

Well amazingly I made it and then set another goal, I also thought I needed to distract from my knee and my mind, which was shouting at me to stop. So I started counting my pedalling up to 10, getting into a rhythm, then looking at the wildflowers on the bank as I past. Well flipping heck I only used these tools and conquered the whole hill!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how surprised I was, it had looked completely impossible to me and I smashed it, only stopping to let the cars past safely. Booooooooooom I am getting fitter and stronger 👍🏻

As with so many things in life, by taking one step at a time, then before you know it you’ve achieved that big goal that once felt impossible.

A very happy me celebrating…

So today I didn’t take many pics as was just a case of wanting to keep me moving, it was tough going and I needed to keep momentum.

I did make my intend lunch town stop and sat on the bench with lovely views…

So around 3 o’clock and only 30 miles in, I’m done, I’m so tired I just want to go sleep there and then, so I start looking for somewhere. So many places are booked up as it’s the Easter weekend. I finally found a hostel 15 miles away, so I use this bed as motivation to get some more miles under my belt.

It felt like like a strange day today, like I couldn’t quite make sense of how it was playing out as I get getting nugdes of intuition to go one way or or not go a way I’d planned. I just kept listening and changing route to suit.

Well these miles were some of my favourite lanes and villages I’ve rode through, I have always thought I could live in wales and have nearly moved here previously. Well today this was bliss, so still and quiet, except for the sound of the chattering birds, perfect. Oooooo I saw Red Kites today, one was only 10 feetish above my head!!!! Thought he was going to steal my torch off my helmet. 🤣🤣

Any how’s this is where I felt the universe had been playing out my day, I stopped to take a photo, very random as I hadn’t stopped all day and I’d seen nicer areas to take photos.

Whilst I’m taking the photo a lady is walking by and we get chatting about lots of stuff but noticeable for me she’s a coach and earns a living through online ventures. Well I’d love to be a coach, I love helping people and thought previously this may be an area for me to work in and working online would be flexible and simply awesome. I said to about her message being a gift from the universe and she said that strangely she wasn’t going to be coming out but then changed her mind. 💫🤩

Anyhows, another day that I could just write loads but I’ll wrap it up and head to sleeps.

So my hostel is in the middle of nowhere, it’s another amazing one and again I have it all to myslef!!!

I’ve taken over!!

The couple who run it are lovely, the lady is like wonder women, in her 70’s still works and then runs the rental business in the summer. She also suggested some out the box ideas for me to earn money and travel whilst doing so. Then offered me to work for them part time over the summer, had I not had plans I’d of possible taken them up on the offer!!

A perfect end to what turned out to be a very challenging but pleasing day...

A pot of tea 🥰

Thank you for sharing my journey 💚🌈🚴🏼‍♀️🤗