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I think I'm positive, energetic and proactive. Kinda deep in my processing of the world although I now just live life for fun and interest, not taking it too seriously. My friends rock my world and I love meeting new people. 

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Day 12 - Stopping to smell the wildflowers 🌼

Pot of tea and porridge and off out to explore,

Loving the clock at the hostel..

A bit more on the hostel, the place is run by Angela and Paul, Paul having recently had a hip opp so I only got to speak to him briefly but a lovely guy. Angela I am in awe at, as in I want to be like her in my 70’s!! She’s on fire! 🔥 She still works, travelling world wide and also runs the rental business, ofp which they both converted the buildings at weekends over the years. What I loved though was she was obviously super busy yet she still had time to chat and kindly supply me with milk and eggs. Her character, vibrancy and vitality really shone through. The place is really out the way in a beautifully peaceful setting and a place I would recommend.


I set off following Garmin, so I spend my days trusting technology to get me out and about in nature, well today it did it too well lol! So rather then take me back down the 1 mile bumpy farm track it took me down an even more rustic track, to a kissing gate. I stand there and I’m actually talking to my garmin (😱🤷🏻‍♀️) asking him how on Earth I am meant to get Firefly up on her back wheel and through it! My arms felt soooooo tired, but by the 3rd attempt I had her up and we where manoeuvring our way through.

Notice the bungy lead, I found this on a road a week or so ago and pick it ip as as a feeling it would come In handy. It’s been sooooooo useful as a bag support, phone holder and now a gate holder!

The off we go through coastal fields….

We find a home I considered just moving into there and then!!

Thing was this was a really tough path and after struggling through 3 more kissing gates I was starting to think I hope I don’t get to a point and then have to return!!! Well look how close I was ….

The road is on the other side of the gate and Firefly was pretty much wedged in!! Well thankfully I didn’t have a mini Nat wobble as I would of once upon a time lol instead I resolved that we would get through the gate, which we did after A LOT of effort. 👍🏻🤣🤣🤣

So this 0.5 miles took me an hour!!!!! An hour!!!!! And I was shattered 🤣🤣🤣

So right there and then I decided this was a ‘smell the wildflowers day’ so I’d ride purely for leisure, chatting and exploring the day away.

So I confess I only rode 15 miles, funny how this feels naughty lol, like a kid skiving off school! 🙃

The thing is it was a beautifully hot day and when I’m sitting relaxed or slowly pottering a lot of people are drawn to Firefly and what we’re up to. I happily share and a lot of people want to know more and then are so encouraging and lovely, I spoke to a couple at a snack stop….

I was high fiving ✋🏻 them as they’d just shared that it was there 25th year of marriage, the guy was so sweet, he just got up and hugged me. 🤗

I just love how when I take time to connect with people, how quickly these little bonds can be made, precious moments in a day or life, I my never see them again but had a lovely time in there company.

Tonight I’m staying on a working farm, I got here about 3pm and planned on reading all afternoon, I’d read a page or so when a guy from the family next door came to chat and offer me a chair as I’d set up on my air bed..

Next I know they invited me to join them for food, and no word of a lie, as my stop was a spur of a moment find I’d not planned food and only had a tin of peas for dinner!! So I took my tin of peas to the bbq and enjoyed a lovely evening in there company. 🥰

Loving there vintage tent, the fairy lights were my idea and they actually had some and put them up!!

This is one of the massive benefits of traveling solo, when people welcome me to join there fun. 😀

A constant reminder of what a wonderful world we live in and its the people that make it, that and nature of course. 💚🌳

Eeeeeeek I try and not write too much but I just love writing and so many wonderful things happen each day. 💚💫🌈

I’ll bombard you with some pics 🤪

Hill walking....

New happy bangle..

Bench stops...

Spot the heron!

Amazing bug 🙂

My campsite best friend 🐶

aaaaaaaand relax 🙏🏻

Have a fun day 🤩🌈💫