Hi I'm Nat :)

My friends say I'm crazy and quirky.

I think I'm positive, energetic and proactive. Kinda deep in my processing of the world although I now just live life for fun and interest, not taking it too seriously. My friends rock my world and I love meeting new people. 

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Day 14 - 22 Wow I can’t believe the variety of this experience!

Day 14, 70 miles & wild camp

Didn’t want to get up the bed was so comfy and so chilled out after hot springs! Rode most the day into strong headwinds, so hard going having to peddle down the hills! We plough on to a cabin that didn’t exist and ended up wild camping.

Day 15, 93 miles, Lakeview campsite

Solo riding again and I loved the ride from Lima to Lakeview, scenery wise and nature it was one of

my favourite days. Such a beautiful vastness to Montana.

Day 16, 63 miles, Warm river campsite

Challenging ride today, a very straight path track which with a challenging riding surface, took some concentration, pleased with my efforts. 👍🏻 My bum aches!!! Fab campsite for the night.

Day 17, 47 miles, Flagg Ranch Cabin

Gosh, I was wiped out and emotional today, the heat was intense, the air thin and in hindsight I’d just not been eating enough!

A mini meet up in the evening, Ally who’s touring and I met on day 1, great to see her again, so vibrant. Then Andi and Dan, nice to see friendly faces. 😍

Shared a cabin with Ally, ate lots, showered and did my laundry, wow I feel clean. 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Day 18, 69 miles, Lava Mountain Lodge Cabin

Tough ride but again the landscape just makes it all worth while. 2 punctures and a closed restaurant, I was desperate for proper food as well. Thankfully I got to lava lodge 5 mins before they closed so got food and a cabin bed. Phewwwwwwww.

Day 19, 85 Miles Pinedale, Shared Ally’s Hotel room, lush! 😍

Humming birds are just the best things ever!!!!

Yikes, jelly legs, I was having to walk each and every incline and I’m only 5 miles in, the first restaurant stop is 59 miles, that seems alooooong way!!!!!

So I arrive at restaurant and it’s closed on Tuesdays!!! Doh! The lure of eating and drinking sets me off to Pinedale, thankfully mainly paved and arrive Just after dark. I bump into Chris in the way into Pinedale, a new friendly face, Andi and Dan are at the shop and then Ally turns up and offers for me to share her hotel room. What an awesome end to an awesome day.

Day made up of.....stubbing views, fun riding, challenging hike a bike, storms! Hail, evil mosquitos and I mean evil!!!! As in chasing you down the rode and everyone said the same. I actually thought they were going to eat me alive at one point!!!


Day 20, 86 Miles, Atlantic City

Proper dodgy tummy today and trying to get calories in by drink, really enjoyed the riding though. Super hot! Lots of cream on!!!

Arrived in the dark and thankfully managed to get a bed, the comfiest ever!!!

Puncture repair needed ahead of going into the Great Basin!!

Day 21, 106 Miles, Wamsutter

So annoyed with myself!!!! I arrived to Atlantic city in the dark, I was organised and got up super early and headed off knowing I had 96 miles to do to get to Wamsutter and that it would be a challenge. Well gps got confused and I was tired and went 5 miles in the wrong direction!! What a muppet, it was a hilly bit too!!

Thank goodness for cake cake and coffee to make me feel better! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

In the desert I was super scared, I was very aware that I was exposed and so very remote with only the SOS and no other means of communication. The thunderstorms seemed to be chasing me and I just wanted out as easy and quick as possible and we all know that’s not the TD style!! So I had to talk myself through it and then use the heebeegeebies to motivate me to peddle my ass out of there and catch up Andi and Dan, friendly faces. I was on fire this day and got the miles in before dark!!! It was Independence Day so fireworks to celebrate. 🎉

Day 22, 85 Miles, Brush Mountain Lodge

I loved this ride today, for me it was full on party mode. I was just so happy after my achievements in the Great Basin yesterday. It just reminded me that by being so scared and turning it to motivation that I am ‘becoming braver‘ one of my aims when I came out here. 💚💪🏻

I rarely listen to music as prefer to be present in my surroundings and aware of my inner thoughts but today the tunes were on and I rocked it out. I did discover dance moves are very limited when riding! 🤣🤣🤣

On route to Brush Mountain lodge I saw a mummy and baby bear, so adorably cute and not at all interested in me, phew. 🐻

I loved brush mountain lodge, it was so chilled and relaxed, the pizza was flowing and so many individuals to chat to. Awesome to shake Sofiane hand, one of the super human front runners, I have so much awe and respect for what you all achieve!

It is super hard to get the time to do the updates and the WiFi to upload etc.

The days wizz by peddling, eating and sleeping and trying to fit in shops etc. It’s all so simple and yet can be crazy hard to get it right keep it going smooth.

I’m on day 28 so still not yet caught up but i will as I love every part of this bonkers adventure and want to log the memories. 🥰

The videos are super tricky to get uploaded as need good wifi which seems a rarity out here but I’ll add as I can 👍🏻


Bumping back into Andrew 😀👍🏻

Sam having fun! 🤦‍♀️🤣

Epic views 😍