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My friends say I'm crazy and quirky.

I think I'm positive, energetic and proactive. Kinda deep in my processing of the world although I now just live life for fun and interest, not taking it too seriously. My friends rock my world and I love meeting new people. 

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Day 14 - Pizza & Beer!!!

It‘s late and I’m snugged up in my bivvy wanting to share the days experiences but well aware I have a battery charging shortage going on so this needs to be a super quick post!!!!

It’s been a another fab day, lots of positive interactions and I’m learning alot.

2 cycling guys have helped me today....

A guy rescued me and Firefly at lunchtime, I’d incorrectly adjusted breaks, so badly that I had none!!!!

YouTube was not coming to my rescue as I couldn’t understand it, then my knight in black cycling shorts came and showed me how to sort the breaks and even helped with my gears. Boooooooom I’m learning! 😄

Also note to self, only attempt mechanics when a bike shop is near by and open, not on Easter Sunday!!!

The next guy, Mike, was this evening at the campsite, he is an endurance rider and has been advising me on eating which has been super helpful!! I need to make more room on my bike for food, I’m not eating regular enough! Nice way to learn sharing his beer by an open fire. 🔥

I never thought I’d ever say this, but I can’t eat enough!!! As in I have no desire to eat this much food but aware I need to as only 2 weeks in and I’m starting to lose weight. I don’t want to loose too much as want extra on me for the TD ride.

Eeeek no pics yet!

My morning view 🥰

Well actually, I was first greeted by to magpies and then some sheep, that seem bewildered by me popping out the bivvy!

So I’ve had another great day enjoying the scenery and chatting to people.

My training highlight had been gluten training........ So when I’m on the TD I will need to eat what I have access to and although I avoid gluten as part of managing RA, it’s unlikely I will be able to avoid it on the ride. So I need to see how my body copes eating gluten and riding, my plan was to eat gluten one day a week. Well other then the croissant I was kindly given for breakfast one day I’ve avoided it completely. I know i need to do this but I also don’t want to as know it may make me feel ill.

BUT and it’s a BIG BUT, I’m cycling along, planning on going further as only on mile 18 (it’s took me hours to sort breaks!). Then I see a quirky campsite and it only had a pizza oven on site!!!!!!! Well I am happy to do gluten training on pizza, garlic bread and beer!!!!!! Booooooooom 🤣

Ok lots more happened but well aware I get addicted to writing and my battery needs saving!

Some pics from today 😎

Heading off from campsite. 🚴🏼‍♀️

My favourite path of the day.☺️

Fishguard 💚

Stumble Head Lighthouse.

Beautiful woodlands.

Nighttime at the campsite.

It’s a super clear night and the stars are shining bright. 🤩

It‘s so peaceful 🙏🏻

Night 😴