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Day 17 - Rain Training & Puffins!! 💚

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

So I wake, I’m tired, my legs ache and it’s raining and will rain for most the day. Well this was a battle of the mind and we won, so I kick myself out the hostel, later then I’d of like but still better then not getting out!

Again today I have had some real kindness shown towards me today, the first instance was Simon the guy I’d met at the pub the night before arrived at the hostel. As it was raining he had assumed I wouldn’t be riding and wanted to see if I’d like a lift into the local town, I was tempted but I was set on cracking this riding in the rain and so headed on my way.

Now today it was super wet and so I thought I can’t possibly get distracted. One because there was no one our in the rain to chat to, Two was as I’d be wet I wouldn’t be able to sit and watch the world go by as I’d get too cold quickly.

Well silly me, how naive!!! So 10 miles in I planed on stopping for a coffee and a snack, it just happened I’d stopped at the Skomer island shop. I got chatting to the lady who showed me the live video feed from the island, puffins!!!!! Real, adorable, right there to go see puffins!!!! So I’d missed the boats that stopped on the island but could still go on a an hour cruise one. Well how could I not!!! Also had it not of been raining so heavy I’d of never got on as they normally have hundreds of people queuing each day!!! Meant to be obviously!!!

Its was amazing.....

Puffins!!! I love them!!!! 💚

Guillemots (cute but not like puffins)

Lots of seals but this one was the cutest 😍

There was lots of other wildlife and one day I’ll go back and take the trip onto the island. 👍🏻

The second instance of kindness and generosity was on the boat trip. I met Richard, Becca and May their adorable 2 year old daughter. There and then they offered for me to go stay with them at there holiday accomodation, it’s was very local and as I’d only done 10 miles I thanked them but said I felt I needed to get some more miles covered today. Well then they then invited me to there home and have given me there postcode and mobile number so if I pass there way and want a bed I can go stay. Honestly, this melted me, I was sooooooooo touched. ☺️

Well rain training was a success, I know what works and doesn’t. I also know now that I really enjoyed riding in the rain as all I could think is there was no other way I’d be out in nature in that weather!!

I achieved 52.8 miles, whoop, whoop, whoop. I’m happy with that. 🤩

It was a late one as I booked a YHA as I need a tarp for my bivvy for when it rains. I need to become an early bird and get motivated in mornings now!!!

Ok some pics and then I need to go splat!

Mud training!! Toooooo soft to ride on as I just kept sinking!

Dangerous dog training!!! 🤣🤣🤣

Beautiful wales....

Wild garlic!!! I need to learn foraging!! 🌾

Random massive tap! 🚰

A very happy end to my day.........teapot of tea 🥳

Loves to you all 💕

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