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My friends say I'm crazy and quirky.

I think I'm positive, energetic and proactive. Kinda deep in my processing of the world although I now just live life for fun and interest, not taking it too seriously. My friends rock my world and I love meeting new people. 

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Day 27 - 30 Every day an adventure 😃

Day 27, 76 miles, Salida hostel

A day of endless climbing it felt, gentle mainly but just on and on. It was super hot today!!! I never want to know how hot it is, I just like to get on, I don’t need to worry my mind with figures! The breeze and cloud cover when they came where bliss!!! Some bikers stopped to chat to me, offering me water but I was good. They were super impressed I was riding alone, I get this a lot from drivers who stop to check in and chat to me. It’s kinda just the norm now to solo ride, I like it, its always nice to chat along route as I meet people, never alone too much. 👍🏻

I rode well and got to the shop at 6.50, to pick up my tent, but they’d closed early, but not so bad as I need the bike repair shop.

So a chilled out evening at the hostel chatting, eating and drinking tea. Showering and doing laundry, there was even some scented moisturising and so I smelt lush for the first time in weeks 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I may look like a muppet but it works!!!! I’ve not burnt once!


Day 28, 31 faffing miles!!! New tent, camped on way to Matshall pass.

What a frustrating faff day! So I only got 3 ish hours sleep, just couldn’t settle for some reason. I head off to the bike shop and leave them investigating the gears. Off I go to get the precious tent!!!!!! So exciting!!! Also shopping for yet more batteries and food, I feel bad how many batteries I get through!! 😱

Back to the bike shop and advised I need the back wheel replacing as hub gone and they don’t have that part, I have to trust these bike shops and to be honest I’m never sure when I can or not, sometimes I get a feeling and question more etc but until I learn more, which will come with experience, I just have to trust!! Hard when this is the 5th or 6th one I’ve come to about gears as each time they go wrong again.

After lunch time Firefly is ready to rock and roll and we head up towards Marshall pass, 8 miles in and the gears are driving me bonkers, having to click three times before she’ll move and then jumping. So I wiz back down the hill back to the bike shop, whilst doing more with the gears the seat also has a bolt that’s sheared through, what a palaver lol! (A week on and my gears are still working, finally, whoop, whoop!)

So I always believe stuff happens for a reason even if not clear at the time! Well when I left town earlier I bumped into a local on a bike who, as soon as I said I was riding the TD, he was like Brandy lives here and has just got back and lives next to the TD route!! So we go to the house to say hi but she’s out so I carry on. Well now I’m heading out of town a second time, tempting as it was to stay another night, something kept telling me to ride and test the new tent. Well who should I ride into, only Brandy!!!! She was so vibrant and happy from her finish, it was lovely to cross paths and have a quick chat. I was joking about it being a way off until I see the l finish, but I loved what Brandy said and it’s so true, it will be just as special, no matter how long it takes. 😍

So I rode on a bit, the sun had gone down so at the first suitable camp spot I get the beautiful new tent pitched!!! Awesome!!!!

I’m right next to a river, I like the noise but it’s very noisy lol

Just realised no tent photos, I’ll get one as it’s a beaut. ☺️

Tonight is yet again proof of how much braver the TD is making me as I’m just chilled about camping alone, I’m aware there a gravel road near and cars can see me but it’s nice to have the tent so that it’s more visible, especially after that guy nearly over my bivvy at a campsite, that would be a rude awakening!!

Day 29, 67 miles, camping by lake

Pleased with my efforts today, so altitude and RA in left knee meant I hiked the 10 miles up Marshall’s pass which took to 2pm!!! Yikes!!! On this basis I was reckoning it was going to be a short 40 miles or something, so to just keep chipping away and achieve the 67 Miles was great. I did ride into the dark as wanted to get to a campsite, ended up camping at the side of a turnoff road as couldn’t find the proper campsite.

I saw Zoe today which was fab, she was biking down Marshall pass and stopped to offer me a water top up and then recognised me and said who she was. She finished in 20 days!!!!! She was so chilled about her awesomeness!!! I reckon if she comes back next year she will be in the running to win!!

Settled in tent, it’s a game changer for sure, I love it 🥰

When I stopped for a late lunch and jumped on Facebook there where lots more really lovely messages, every time it uplifts me and makes me smile. All these beautiful people routing for me and really encouraging me. Amazing people all round for sure! 🤩 The TD community is just the best!

Day 30, 76 miles, Bikepackers hostel in Del Norte

Just realised typing this that this was the time I was aiming for 30 days and now it’s more likely to be 40.

Am I disappointed? Not at all, I always came to do my best but was always aware I had to work as a team with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was always the most important that I just achieved the finish, in the best time could. This meant managing my RA under extreme conditions, managing myself physically and mentally, whilst also ensuring I stay safe. It was a lot about really building trust in myself, I’ve enjoyed this proces and it’s successfully got me this far and hopefully will get me to the end. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Today I was riding very tired, the miles seemed very long, but I‘m here to ride and so I ride all day and amazingly hit my goal of Del Norte.

There was a dirt track just before Del Norte, I loved riding this, its been my favourite bit to ride the past few days. Whizzing round made me realise just how much more confident I am as a rider, even the sand that chucks me about just felt like play time, I loved it. 🥰 Not the crazy headwinds though! 💨💨💨😱

Today I have been amazed at my body, it just keeps going, I’ll be honest I don’t know how lol! It’s awesome for sure, I have such respect and admiration for it!!!! 💚

My favourite riding time is as the sunsets, the light is just so beautiful. 😍

Indiana Pass tomorrow, the highest part of the ride, I’ll be honest, with how I am at altitude I’ll be glad to get to the other side of this one! 😬

Just keeping positive pedalling 👍🏻💫

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