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I think I'm positive, energetic and proactive. Kinda deep in my processing of the world although I now just live life for fun and interest, not taking it too seriously. My friends rock my world and I love meeting new people. 

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Day 30 - 36 Love 💖

💛 LOVE 💚

Such a simple word surrounded by so many complexities.

Some people think the word love is thrown around to easily but I recognise for me I haven‘t used it enough over the years.

But then love can only come to you when your open to it and to be open to it you need to truly believe that you deserve to be loved.

I’m not talking just romantic love here, that’s such a small part of love, there are many types of loves in my life and most of them are friendship love. 💕

Those of you that read this and think but how couldn’t I deserve love, that’s truly awesome, but for me and some of the friends I love and care about dearly, we have not had such an easy, healthy relationship with love.

For years at my core I didn’t feel I deserved to be loved, the reasons for this kinda don’t matter as they are so different for everyone but the more people I talk to on my travels the more I hear this common theme.

Then there is the understanding that goes along with this lack of allowing love in, the need to love yourself first and then the love will flow to you.

So at some point I acknowledged this and started to love myself, only in little ways initially and then the momentum built and ball began to roll and became faster and faster the past year, until I set off to ride some of the UK.

So the purpose to travelling for me is to become the best version of me and so I can have the best positive impact on the world. I don’t know what form this takes yet but I’m just going with the flow.

Each time I head off on an ’experience’ I grow and in ways I anticipate but in many ways that come out the blue, through spending time in nature, with myself and then through the many interactions I have each day with the wonderful people of the world.

This last week was less about the riding and more about resting, grounding and taking time to see where I’m at, by this I mean deep inside on a soul level.

So I rode 91 miles over 3 days and took 4 days off, some unplanned due to bad 💨💨💨 and such good company. 🥰

So why after all the experiences of this week do I choose to write about love!?

Well this felt like the undercurrent to it all, the love flowing inward, through and outward.💞💞💞💞

On Monday as I cycled away from spending 2 nights with friends in Redruth and I felt an overwhelming feeling of love.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗

I can’t put it into words so I put it in a picture!! I felt like my heart was massive and that it was bigger then me and that the energy flowed in and out. It was a beautiful feeling and I set it into my memory bank so I can revisit such a blissful feeling.

It’s on that ride and with that feeling that I truly realised I’d got it. I loved myself and as a result I could be openly loving and allow love to flow in.

Now I’m always conscious of using peoples names when I blog but I want to share the abundance of love I have felt this week and say thank you to each and everyone of you so I’ll do it discreetly.

💚 At YHA Boscastle one of my favourite places I’ve been...

The identifier for you ‘solve me happy’ book, such a vibrant bundle of energy and so lovely to cross path, so beautiful when to souls can open up and just share and flow. 💛💫

💜💚🧡💙 At YHA Tintagel also one of my favourite places I’ve been....

It was blowing a gale and so I stayed here 2 nights and literally could not believe have much I felt like I was spending time in a temporary family. An unlikely group of 5, and these 4 all individually and as a group had such a positive impact.

‘Hamish‘ actually a female I met, but we will all get the code 🤣🤣 🦄 you are awesome, such a positive bundle of energy and so much fun, thank you for your beautiful message.🥰

’Sparkles’ wow many deep conversions and some really good grounding work, thank you for giving me a safe space to say the negatives that needed to be expressed so that I could move forward. 💖✨

’’The mature undercover hippie’ I simply fell in love with you (none romantically before my friends get excited lol!) 🤣🤣🤣

’Ms focus‘ you were fab, an inspiration through the volunteering you do and the knowledge you shared, thank you for making my stay what it was and also for the recommended ferry crossing. Riding down into Rock and seeing the estuary literally took my breath away.

💙 YHA Treyarnon Bay, I was spoilt this week as this was also an idyllic place to stay! #yhappy #yharocks

‘Secret YHA worker!‘ Thank you for sharing how your lifestyle works with seasonal work and travelling, it’s great to see it working and you truly embracing life. Really good to chat to someone with such similar lifestyle desires. 😊

💕 A stay at the home of my quirky friends and small people. 💚💛🧡💖

💫💫💫💫Wow wow wow✨✨✨✨

To me these friendships are the living proof of the positive side of social media. A friend I’ve met once over a year ago a camp quirky, then through a year of messages, shared experiences, openness and shared interests a friendship blossomed. More surprising is the friendship that blossomed with no meet until this weekend, a fellow witch in the making (I’ll come back to witches in another blog 🤣🌈🔮🧹) my friends partner who I’ve also built a bond with over social media messages. I was so touched by the lengths gone to, to make me feel welcome and accommodate my eating, I’ve had gf cake and quiche, heaven!!! I’ve eaten like a queen, explored the local nature, found rainbows in waterfalls, swam in the sea and spent some precious time in the company of two gorgeous small people, successfully finding pixies and fairies, just magical. 🤩💫🧚‍♂🧚🏻‍♀️

So I rode away on Monday reflecting on the last week feelings utterly held, supported, embraced and oozing with love and.......

I am sooooooooio grateful for all of those mentioned above and for each interaction of love I receive through the kindness of people everyday.

Wether that’s strangers, friends on whatsapp of new or old, people encourgaing me on strava and even contacting me to offer advice on piles!!!!.......

........Aren’t I now just so glad I showed a vulnerability of being so open in my last blog and sharing such an embarrassing truth as it meant this love in the form of sharing knowledge came back.

There are so many ways to receive and to express love and I only hope that as much is flowing from me and into the world as I receive. 🥰💞🌎

So for those that have noticed I’ve blogged until Monday and it’s Thursday that’s because I wanted to share what was such a clear and valuable message to me.

A later blog will cover the trials and tribulations that come next 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Some pics from a fabulous week 😀

St Nectans Waterfall

Rocky Vally

Spot the 🌈🥰

St Ives



I bl**dy love Cornwall!!!!!


Sending 💞😘

#love #yha #positivity