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Day 37 - 44 An end to another Chapter

Updated: May 23, 2019

229 Miles 🚴🏼‍♀️

Lol well I’m not even sure where to begin or even what to write about, too many options, so I’ll just go with the flow with this blog as I have with this adventure.

So what a fabulously fun, challenging, painful at times, exhausting, frustrating, disappointing, energising, liberating, soul searching, heart warming, mixed week, well 6 weeks as this has pretty much been the rollercoaster of emotions I’ve gone through on a weekly and daily basis!

Yesterday I stopped as YHA Minehead and put Firefly into the local bike shop who‘d been so helpful with my broken break cable on the way down.

I then went to the beach and lay there, completely at peace listening to the waves and the seagulls.

I realised that my mind and body knew the experience as was, the UK training challenge was over and that we could just be.

This may read strange, but when I take on a challenge, I push myself, I have boundaries I’ve identified I want to overcome, fears I want to face and dissolve and then there’s a whole host of situations that arise and challenge me in ways I’d never of anticipated.

So I’m primed, it‘s like I’m charged for the challenge, the experience and adventure becomes very much a self development journey.

I push myself daily, wether through the riding, social interactions, soul searching or emotional triggers and blockers that need addressing. I assess where I’m at and what comes next, on this experience and in the wider picture of life.

This isn‘t for everyone, but for me it’s why the solo travel is so important at this time.

The reward is immense, the reward is when the experience is done, I get to reap the benefits of the seeds I’ve sown, the boundaries I’ve pushed and the fears I’ve released. I can literally bask in my happinees and peace that my new much expanded comfort zone brings. I get to enjoy knowing how much more I’ve become capable of and how much I’ve grown, in strength physically but more importantly for me emotionally and mentally.

So lying on the beach, walking around Minehead yesterday and then riding to the train station today I felt absolutely amazing. I really allowed myself to feel this throughout my whole body, I enjoyed it, I’ve put the effort in and earn‘t this. 💫🥰

I also enjoyed making some sand art. 🙃

I am such a great believer in having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ I feel it’s a game changer in life. It can shift our perspective of the world and how we experience it.

I am very grateful for each and every part of this experience, the elating highs and the crushing lows, they all have there place in what has been a wonderful journey.

I also believe that we should all celebrate every success along the way, with ourselves, with our friends, family, online tribe, whoever it is who will get it and celebrate with you. 🥳🥳🥳

Each success no matter how small adds up and in time builds to what we want to create. For me the focus of recent has been really getting in touch with who I am and working on becoming my authentic self, stripping away the layers that have built up over the years as I ‘tried to fit in’. I have no desire ‘to fit in’ anymore, I realise that to cultivate a life where ‘I can be me’ is of much more value and importance. 🙏🏻🌈

I think it’s truly a beautiful moment when I can share in a friends success, this is just the best and I love it. 💚

Just this morning I was sent a beautiful photo of a picture my friend had created, the art was stunning but what was most heartwarming for me was that this individuals confidence is growing. She can see her improvements and her talent blossoming, this achievement has been created through years of effort and truly made my soul smile. In the message she communicated that she thought that to acknowledge her improvements was big headed, I didn‘t see it this way at all. I loved that she could see her growth and acknowledge it. I have witnessed the effort and the turbulent path she’s walked on her creative journey.


I feel it is beautiful to be able to see your worth and such a positive. 💪🏻🤩

So a massive shout out to personal achievements and acknowledging and sharing our successes. 💞

So for all of you that have shared this experience with me, no matter how big or small, thank you sooooooooooooooo much.

The impact of these 6 weeks will last a lifetime of that I’m sure.


Success of today, getting Firefly in there!!!!

My feathery friend....

My furry friend....

Cheers to the end of this chapter in this journey. 🥂