Hi I'm Nat :)

My friends say I'm crazy and quirky.

I think I'm positive, energetic and proactive. Kinda deep in my processing of the world although I now just live life for fun and interest, not taking it too seriously. My friends rock my world and I love meeting new people. 

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Day 4-10 Zipped by!!!!

Day 4 - 110 miles achieved!!!

Such an awesome day...

I aimed for 90, then decided to get my first century and then rode on into the night to hit the US border. Boooooooom!!

This day my comfort zone shifted, I was no longer in fear of bears, I had relaxed and this meant I could enjoy the riding and focus even more on the natural beauty and pushing those pedals.

Day 5- 105 miles

So after getting into my bivvy at 2.30am I randomly woke at 5.59am keen to ride on. I’d heard from Doug and unbelievable due to a bear can incident he’d had to take a day off and was at the town 10 miles ahead. So time to ride with a buddy. 🙃

Day 6 - 40 miles

Doug‘s bike was in the shop alllllll morning so a slow start, then only 40 relatively easy miles but after the last 2 days it felt hard going! I heard my first gun shots heard today, slightly unnerving, but nothing more.

Firefly having a well earned rest, new front fork cage and a net on back bag. 👍🏻👍🏻

Day 7 - 75 Miles

Road to Holland Lake, lots and lots of rain, my least favourite ride as the clouds so low and the woods so dense there was little view. So it was just peddle, peddle, peddle with little reward until reaching Holland Lake Lodge. This was a piece of heaven, I walked in and ordered a brandy straight off to warm me up!!! Firefly doesn’t seem to like the rain and her gears had been misbehaving most the day, sooooooo frustrating!!!

Day 8 - 65 Miles

Ovando - I loved this place, the shop stayed open until we arrived and let us sleep on there veranda, nicely sheltered.

I’m staring to get really tired now though!

Some of this riding is super scary, this photo does not do it justice! A shear drop!

Day 9 - 62 miles

Back to solo riding for me, Doug is on a mission and I need to listen to my body and start taking it easier. I’m very tired but more then that my knees are swelling with the RA, it’s important I keep this manageable while my body adjusts to this constant exercise, this is key to me being able to complete the ride. 👍🏻🤞🏻

Best night so far staying at an amazing cabin for cyclist, Barbara and John are just so generous in the comfort they offer and working on a pay it forward basis.

A fun evening with Ryan, Greg, Owne and co 👍🏻

Day 10 - 40 miles

Wowzers I’m beyond tired, I’m so exhausted, it’s hard to get good sleep. Today I took along time to get to Helena, arriving late I get a cheap room, one like off the films where people get murdered!! Wash, eat and sleep solid for 10 hours, I could of slept longer easily but my alarm went off for breaky.

No matter how hard I tried, after 7 days of not washing these where not coming clean!!!

I’ll upload videos once I have some decent WiFi 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

This is is a quick update, I am so tired at the end of the days and it’s not so easy to do the updates, it’s so challenging being here, which is what I wanted. I love being here and I am so grateful for all of the experiences I’m having. 🥰

So happy to see this sign that day!!!! 😀

‘Rough Road’ this was pristine compared to what I normally ride on here!!!

Before the wall, the scariest bit of the ride!!! See videos when I can post!!!

I ride up a lot of these 🤣🤣🤣

Keeping pedalling 🤩