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I think I'm positive, energetic and proactive. Kinda deep in my processing of the world although I now just live life for fun and interest, not taking it too seriously. My friends rock my world and I love meeting new people. 

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Day 5 - Happy Holidays 🤣🤣

Only 42.6 miles, as another late start as being a chatter box again, well that and I couldn’t sleep until the sun came up as I was so cold again, I need to crack this! 🥶

The campsite was ace last night.

I don‘t even know where to start as it’s just been another magical day 🤩💫

I love wales, for me it has a special energy and I’ve been many times over the years, but today traveling on my bike I seemed to notice its beauty so much more, the pace is perfect to absorb the surroundings. I only wish the photos could capture the soul satisfying views, but they don’t even slightly do them justice.

So many times today I just felt so happy, travelling with a purpose I’ve come to realise is me in my element. That said the purpose of training is not as intense as I thought it would be!! I can’t help but be present in the day and the experiences, people I meet and surroundings. Even so my bum feels like it’s certainly training. I just feel like I’m on holiday, I love being active and exploring so this is perfect, well apart from the cold nights!!!

Highlights from today..

I came across a pleasing place with lots of energy 💫

Firefly did some yoga! So relieved a good friend showed me how to manoeuvre her before coming!

Training wise i felt like I managed peddling hills better, but I did have to hike a bike up some steep ones! I actually prefer to ride them but at this point due to lack of fitness I run out of puff, I find hiking the bike painful and at times I was walking backwards to relieve my burning calves! Think my face says it all lol 🤣🤣🤣 Annoyingly the photo does not show how steep it was!!!

I came across an awesome quirky fence 🙃

So after about 35 miles I thought I’d head to a campsite, most the afternoon I’d been admiring a massive hill/mountain. It was big and I was at the bottom of it assuming I was going round, oh no, up, up and up we went. Ouch, ouch, ouch. on arriving near the top though I was rewarded by just catching this.....💚 Perfect timing!

Flying down, up and round and I was rewarded further in the other side...

One of my favourite parts of the day was riding close to the sea just listening to the waves, so soothing for my soul 🙏🏻

There’s so much I’d love to share but it’s time for me to snooze, I have a great sea view tonight, I can’t wait to see it in the daylight. 😍

A few more pics to give a feel, but I can’t do Wales justice...

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