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My friends say I'm crazy and quirky.

I think I'm positive, energetic and proactive. Kinda deep in my processing of the world although I now just live life for fun and interest, not taking it too seriously. My friends rock my world and I love meeting new people. 

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I’ve made a ‘mistake’! 🤷🏻‍♀️

I know, I can hear some sighs of relief.....

She‘s finalised realised that this was a bonkers idea, completely crackers especially after only getting on a bike back in November. Of course she was never going to be fit enough, it was a ridiculous idea that she could get on a bike and ride 2745 miles through and over the Rocky Mountains. Thank goodness all the warnings about the wildlife; the bears, mountain lions, wolves and wild dogs have finally put her off. Along with the potential rerouting due to snow drifts that can‘t be punched through or the wild fires, I mean what was she thinking being at risk of hypothermia and then the complete extreme risk of dehydration in the desert. Why she’d ever want to travel solo I don’t know! Well I’m just glad she’s seen sense, after all she‘s got Rheumatoid Arthritis and dodgy joints, what was she thinking, well I’m glad she’s come to her senses....

Ha ha ha as if lol 😉🤣🤣🤣🤣

My mistake was I brought the wrong Garmin and I’ve had to buy another! 🤦‍♀️

I actually couldn’t be anymore excited at this point, yes all of the above is true but whats important is that I’m ‘doing‘ this in whatever form it evolves into. That to get to this point I've already gone through so many challenges, that I’m already feeling the benefits and yet the main monumentous truly EPIC event is yet to start. I know I could of pulled out on many occasions, if I’d of given into my fears and anxieties along the way. Even this week I’ve had 2 nights up to 3am as couldn’t sleep as so aware of what’s to come and get caught up in messaging past riders and current riders who are happy to share there experiences. So I spend these nights researching, correcting kit mistakes and pondering practicalities that need resolving. Like how on Earth l’m going to be able to get me a bag and a boxed Firefly to hotels, airports, on buses etc I don’t have the answer but I’ll just ‘do‘ it. ✔️

We are all different, I know there are a lot of superfit and prepared people taking part. Some people love training, others love planning. I just love experiences and ’doing’ I’ve had to learn to research, plan and train.

Bear research.....

The reality is bears are not interested in humans and rarely attack unless protecting young or you scare them. That said the person in the pic has it all wrong, to play dead you lie on your front and cover your head and neck with your heads, splaying your elbows and legs so you can’t be flipped over! 🤓

I’ve far from cracked everything but I’ve defiantly improved and learn’t a lot along the way, through the many ‘mistakes’ I’ve made, each important lessons. So many things I’ve had to alter or change, but had I not of tried by ‘doing‘ I wouldn’t of learnt. Some of them have been ridiculous, as in wearing my down jacket that is super insulating and will protect me from hypothermia, in the kitchen of a hostel whilst I cook and then melt the arm of it on the cooker!!!!! At what point am I at danger of hypothermia indoors cooking!!! I now have a sellotaped arm until I come up with a better resolution! Doh!!

The point of this experience, challenge, adventure was for me to become braver through facing my fears and extending my comfort zone. The easier it is to just be me, free from fears, then means I can have a more happy and positive impact on the world around me.

So all along I’ve just got on and ’done’ it in the best way I could, sometimes I felt like I’ve really not been good enough but then I remind myself as long as I’m taking steps forward then I’m making positive progress. I’m not here to compare myself to others, we all walk our own paths and have our own personal challenges to overcome. So when 2 weeks tomorrow I meet at the Grand Depart with all the other riders, as far as I’m concerned we are all already winners for being their and taking part.

I’m well aware that even the most prepared riders can come unstuck, I read all sorts of stories from people who have taken part and not completed it due to mechanical issues, physically not coping or mentally unable to see through the challenge.

Will I complete the ride!?

Will I ride it in a race time, so under 30 days!?

I have no idea. All I know is that I believe I’m meant to ride it, I also truly believe if I possible can, I will fInish, in whatever duration that will be.

I know I am going to be challenged in ways that I can’t even comprehend, I also know the experience will leave a lasting touch, it already has and I’m not even on that starting line. I’m just so grateful that I have a ‘stubborn naivety’ that I have taken this on and will follow through as far as I possibly can.

Ross Edgley who swam the whole coast of the UK, absolute legend!!!!!!💪🏻

I love that I am bonkers enough to take this on and to ’do’ it, I feel so alive, present and really engaged in living. I am loving the process, all of it, I’m always aware that the hardest bits (or the most embarrassing) make for the the best memories, many of which I’ll giggle on for years to come.

Assuming I survive 😉🤣

At least he‘ll have happy rainbow poop 🌈💩🤣🤣

Have a fab day 💚😘