Hi I'm Nat :)

My friends say I'm crazy and quirky.

I think I'm positive, energetic and proactive. Kinda deep in my processing of the world although I now just live life for fun and interest, not taking it too seriously. My friends rock my world and I love meeting new people. 

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One Life, Live it & Love it 💚

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

We are all capable of so much and yet a lot of us never give ourselves the chance to shine....✨

I spent years holding myself back, for so many reasons...

Worried people would think I’m weird, that I’d be judged and people wouldn't like me. That I’d fail and even more randomly I was sometimes scared of succeeding and being good at something!!

How bizarre the human mind can be! 🤯

I wanted to stay safe and comfortable but then then that safe became a prison and that comfortable became boring.

I’ve spoken to so many people who relate to this, or another angle is just getting caught up in the dramas of life and forgetting our own desires. Not making time to pursue our dreams, those things that spark our energy and engage us fully.

A friend called me tonight, inspiring this blog post. 👍🏻 He wanted to congratulate me on my travel successes and share how inspiring he’d found my Tour Divide adventure. It made me happy as he said I’d made things seem achievable, that he didn’t know what yet but that he felt he could go out and try things out.

This is part of the the reason I shared my story, I knew taking on the Tour Divide, when I’d only started properly biking last November was kinda bonkers. I knew I was a novice taking on a beast of a ride! I was aware this was massively out my comfort zone and that I may be judged by many through my actions.

BUT I always felt the TD found me and I was meant to ride it. I believed I had the mental strength to achieve it and what I lacked in experience and physical strength I’d overcome with my diverse mental tool kit. 🧠🧰🔧

I wanted to share my journey as I wanted people to see that it’s ok to try something new, of course it can be scary and a learning curve but that it’s worth the effort. That their is so much to be gained. 💎

The positive feelings and experiences I can take away from the TD seem endless. So many moments to reflect on, challenges I’ve overcome and now I can feel so proud of myself for my new braveness. The friendships I’ve made and the new bike-packing community I’ve discovered. The love of this new hobby. The skills and knowledge I’ve learnt along the way. Such a diverse list, even down to being a bit better at planning and research, certainly one of my weaker points as normally I’m just a get on and do it kinda person. Hence the blog name ‘Nat Winging The World’! 🤣🤣

I‘ve had a few people message me after finishing, to let me know that it’s inspired them to think they could ride the TD or that they are now going to seek out there own personal adventures. That for them seeing so much positivity surrounding my efforts, in the encouragement and support I received, has opened their eyes to see how wonderful people can be and there’s a world out there to be explored.

This is is why I share my story, I’m well aware I risk coming across as a muppet to some, but for the few that I positivity impact and make a difference to, it’s sooooooo worth while. 🥰🌈

In a world full of individuals, we all have a tribe, those people we bond with and click with. Only by truly being ourselves can people really see us and love us. 👀🤗

Its such an easy thing to say ’just be yourself’ yet in the societies of today it can be really hard to find ourselves under all the layers that accumulate over the years. (Where’s an onion emoji when you need one!) 🤷🏻‍♀️

I seek out adventures and experiences to find myself at my deepest level, but it all started with just being quiet in nature and really listening to me. The real me, not the mind chatter, but the voice deep within, that internal wisdom, that gut instinct, the inner desires, the spark inside, that lust for life deep in my soul.

Take the time to be with yourself and to really listen, it’s never to late to make small changes and set the internal spark alight. 🔥

One Life, Live it & Love it 💚

Nat 🤗

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